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Where is your hand grinder manufactured?
"Our hand grinders are proudly manufactured in Foshan, China."


How long has your company been specializing in coffee products?
"We have been specializing in coffee products for over 20 years, ensuring expertise and quality in every aspect."


What sets your hand grinder apart from others on the market?

"Our hand grinder stands out due to its superior craftsmanship, durable materials, and precise grinding mechanism."


Can you tell me more about the supply chain of your products?

"We have cultivated an excellent supply chain over the years, ensuring the highest quality materials and components for our products."


Are spare parts readily available for your hand grinders?

"Yes, we maintain a stock of spare parts to ensure timely replacements and repairs if needed."


What kind of coffee beans are suitable for grinding with your hand grinder?

"Our hand grinder is suitable for grinding various types of coffee beans, including Arabica, Robusta, and specialty blends."

How do I clean and maintain the hand grinder?

"We recommend cleaning the grinder regularly with a soft brush and cloth. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided in the user manual."


Is the grind size adjustable on your hand grinder?

"Yes, our hand grinder features adjustable grind settings, allowing you to customize the grind size according to your preferences."


Can your hand grinder be used for espresso grinding?

"Absolutely, our hand grinder is versatile and can achieve a fine grind suitable for espresso brewing."


What warranty do you offer for your hand grinder?

"We offer a 2 years warranty on all our hand grinders, ensuring peace of mind for our customers."


Do you offer international shipping for your hand grinders?

"Yes, we offer international shipping to ensure customers worldwide can enjoy our quality products."


Is your hand grinder suitable for travel or outdoor use?

"Yes, our hand grinder is designed to be compact and portable, making it perfect for travel or outdoor coffee brewing."


Can I use your hand grinder for grinding spices or other ingredients?

"While our hand grinder is primarily designed for coffee, some customers have successfully used it for grinding spices and other ingredients."


What materials are used in the construction of your hand grinder?

"Our hand grinder is constructed using high-quality stainless steel and durable plastics, ensuring longevity and reliability."


How do I adjust the grind size on your hand grinder?

"The grind size adjustment is conveniently located on the body of the grinder and can be easily adjusted by turning the dial or knob."


Does your hand grinder produce consistent grind sizes?

"Yes, our hand grinder is engineered to produce consistent grind sizes, ensuring uniform extraction and delicious coffee every time."


Can I purchase your hand grinder in bulk for resale?

"Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for businesses interested in reselling our hand grinders. Please contact our sales team for more information."


What certifications or quality standards do your hand grinders meet?

"Our hand grinders meet rigorous quality standards and may be certified by relevant organizations to ensure safety and performance."


Do you offer customer support for troubleshooting or inquiries about your hand grinder?

"Yes, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with any inquiries or troubleshooting related to our hand grinder."


Are there any instructional videos or guides available for using your hand grinder?

"Yes, we provide instructional videos and comprehensive user guides to help you get the most out of your hand grinder experience."